TROY Quick Release Plate Carrier

Quick Quad Release vest (plastic buckles hidden under the shoulder straps and front MOLLE layer) is more compact and lighter weight and allows more body movement. 

It provides protection area of 0.30 - 0.34m² on the front and back (TROY Quad Release Carrier (QRC) is a compact plate carrier designed to allow effective level of armour coverage, without compromising the operators movement 

The QRC utilises ROC quick release clips (Rapid Open Connector) on shoulders and sides for rapid removal when required. The carrier has fully adjustable shoulders and is easily adjusted around the waist. Troy is lined with 20mm 3D Spacer Mesh Fabric which allows air to circulate around the body for cooling, it also provides enhanced comfort particularly during prolonged periods of operation. 360" WhatsApp video available on request

Please note: TROY plate carrier offers NO ballistic protection. Ballistics plates and soft armour panels are optional (see above)


TROY Spec:

Quick release side and shoulder ROC buckles for fast removal

Universal fit for 10 x 12" (250 x 300 mm) hard armour plates

Front, rear and side modular webbing system (MOLLE) to fit pouches

Bottom loading plate carrier accepting both soft and hard armour inserts

Outer Cordura 500 nylon

Fire Resistant Inner 3D spacer mesh ventilation layer for excellent sweat management

Adjustable shoulders and waist

Easy remove protection for cleaning+ side plates on order).

Aramid UD fabric is used as ballistic panel material. Protection level NIJ IIIA (9mm & .44) which can be upgraded to level IV by inserting hard ceramic plates. It features Mesh lining, Codura500 nylon and 6 rows of MOLLE attachment lines on front and back

The soft ballitics panel are removable as required 

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