The M93 automatic grenade launcher is an infantry weapon intended for engaging the enemy at distances of up to 1700 m, as well as combat with light armoured vehicles at distances up to 1000 m.

This weapon has been vigorously tested in all climates and terrains in accordance with military standards.

The M93 can fire in bursts of up to 50 to 400 grenades per minute. 

The barrel is chrome plated which offers a long service life and increased precision.

The weapon is belt fed with the capacity of 29 grenades per ammunition box. The M93 is a versatile launcher that can fire anti-personnel, anti-tank, incendiary, smoke and training projectiles.

The design of the tripod enables quick and easy setup and can also be custom mounted for various combat vehicles.

The 30mm AGS-30 second-generation automatic grenade launcher system (6S9) is a weapon boasting a unique maneuverability, a high firepower, and a long range of fire. The grenade launcher may be mounted on a tripod or a turret, or used as part of a remotely controlled weapon system, mounted on various combat vehicles.

The light weight of the grenade launcher ensures an outstanding mobility and allows it to be used by dismounted units in rugged and urban terrain. This is the first weapon of its class that can be carried by one man along with its tripod in either travelling or combat position.

The AGS-30 fires different types of 30mm rounds as well. The accuracy of fire is ensures by the recoilless operation of the grenade launcher, the best suited rate of fire, and the unique design of the tripod, allowing the weapon to be fired from soft and unprepared surfaces.

Tripod- and turret mounted versions are fitted with panoramic optical sights. Iron sights can also be used as an auxiliary means. At the request of the customer the AGS-30 can be equipped with a day/night sight, and a radar sight may be used to conduct surveillance and accurate fire in zero visibility.

This weapon is ONLY available upon special request and is not held in stock.

Complete set:

  • M93 Automatic Grenade Launcher
  • Tripod
  • Aiming device NSBG-1
  • 6 ammunition belts
  • 3 ammunition boxes
  • Tripod sling
  • Carrying bag
  • Spare parts
  • Tools and accessories
  • Handling and maintenance manuals
*special order - This item is not held in stock

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